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Bobbi Jo Nichols
Published by: Bobbi Nichols on 21-Dec-23

**Network Marketing is a BUSINESS-WORK IT LIKE A BUSINESS!**


Take the necessary steps to **BECOME a BUSINESS**.  Minimally:

  • Contact your tax consultant.  It may only require filing Schedule C and showing some capital depreciation (like start-up expenses before your first sale, laptops, etc.)

  • Obtain a business license if required by your municipality.  (I also needed a zoning variance and inspection to be a home-based business)

  • File for a DBA (doing business as alias)

  •  Create LLC (not recommended at first due to new reporting requirements)

The small amount of time it takes, and whatever nominal costs, **ARE ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT.**

For one thing, people **HESITATE to spend ANY MONEY** because they truly don't understand that **YOU MUST INVEST TIME, MONEY, AND EFFORT in ANY Business**.

**Businesses are **REWARDED with PRIVILEGES** and the **LAWS ARE WRITTEN TO FAVOR BUSINESS**, not individuals.

The cost of an upgrade that would not only yield **MORE and BETTER QUALITY TRAFFIC**, but provide you with a **source of REVENUE**, if you knew there was a tax benefit, you would be **MORE LIKELY to see the COST/BENEFIT** and purchase that upgrade. 

You are not just buying an upgrade, **YOU ARE MAKING A BUSINESS DECISION** and **INVESTING IN YOUR BUSINESS**:

  • to drive more traffic,
  • add a product to your promotion portfolio (the affiliate promotion of this traffic source to get referrals),

  • possibly add a list-building opportunity, and

  •  open a new revenue stream

**Consider the OPPORTUNITIES** one little upgrade could present! 

**When Do Expenses Qualify as Deductions?**

Expenses become deductible,** once you have made the first sale** (if YOUR product) or **earn your first affiliate commission**.

This is why it is important to **start promoting immediately and earn that first affiliate commission**

Any expenses before the first earned revenue are considered **start-up expenses**. The tax laws do allow you to record any start-up expenses

and **claim them as CAPITAL**, which means the value must be distributed across several years.  This is a tax consultant question for you.

Your business is **NETWORK MARKETING**.

  • **Your BUSINESS is NOT** Livegood, Nexus Rewards, GotBackup, or MyTrafficPowerline, etc.  These are **PRODUCT LINES of  AFFILIATE PROGRAMS**

  • . The **PRODUCTS **that are sold, are the** PROGRAM's PRODUCTS,** and **should not be recorded as SALES** unless you maintain an inventory and

  • RESELL them (a whole different accounting nightmare). ** Record them as AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS.**

  • **Once you have started YOUR BUSINESS**, and receive revenue from** ANY line of business**, you are past start-up, and can **deduct legitimate expenditures as EXPENSES.**

  • **When you join another affiliate program**, you are just adding another line of business, **not starting ANOTHER BUSINESS**

  • * It is worth **TRACKING expenditures by line of business ** just to make it easier to see profitability but tax reporting may be consolidated onto one Schedule C (again, a tax consultant question).

  • Remember, the small effort it takes to establish your business LEGITIMATELY, reaps **MASSIVE REWARDS **that could **REDUCE the amount of income tax YOU PAY**, or could **INCREASE YOUR REFUND.**

**Rich Moyer's Top Recommendations**

Business opportunities that have low startup costs, no product autoship, low monthly membership fees, rewarding comp plans.

**Nexus Snap

  • Setup $40 one-time
  • Monthly Membership $9.95/mo
  • Optional:  GOLD marketing system $9.95/mo
  • Broadcast 3000 messages $5.95/mo
  • Comp Plan
  • Powerline
  • $25 for each paid referral + 20% monthly
  • Potentially Earn $34 cashback for each free member
  • YOU make money when your app referrals earn cash back
  • Cash Back Benefits, discounts, monthly payment reducer


This has so many more direct benefits by USING the cash-back apps, Benefits Hub, NxRx Prescription discounts, and Zoom discounts.

Plus, you have the Automatic Builder  framework with **NXR Snap**,

purchase the one-time **Silver AB Combo** for $47. I get nice little $27 or $47 payments all year long.


  • Setup $20 one-time reseller fee
  • Monthly Membership $9.97/mo for Family Plan
  • Comp Plan
  • Powerline
  • 200% on initial sale + 25% monthly


I think EVERYBODY should be using GotBackup.  Rich is a systems and network engineer.  He COULD build his own.**He CHOSE GotBackup**.

 I signed up in 2015.



  • Full feature business toolset: autoresponder, splashpage generators, rotators, graphics tools
  • Offering $1 fourteen day trial. Be sure you upgrade before 12/31/2023
  • Pro is $10/month, but I recommend $14 Pro Executive
  • I earn $10/month for each Pro Exec, $6 for each Pro referral




**Worldprofit Silver Membership**

If you were thinking of joining Worldprofit as a Silver member, or upgrading to PlatinumVIP, here is an offer for you that saves you $700 per year, and gives you a great tax deduction.

It's our **YEAR END OFFER on Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships.**

  • Convert from **MONTHLY to a 1 YEAR Silver** membership and **SAVE $700.**

  • Snag a **BONUS ** package of leads and advertising valued at over $100

  • Convert from **MONTHLY to a 1 YEAR Platinum VIP** Membership and **SAVE $800**

  • Claim your **VIP BONUS** package of leads and advertising valued at over $200

  • OR, **Renew your current prepaid Silver or Platinum VIP Membership** now to take advantage of 2023 rates.  

    *Get your personalized offer!**

If you have not joined yet as a Free Associate, JOIN HERE

To take advantage of this special pricing, login to your member area, submit in a Support Ticket,

say **SANDI give me the YEAR END Offer!**

Hurry **YEAR END pricing Offer expires midnight Dec 31, 2023.**


**Year-end bargains.**

Dave Moser is offering 5 Elite Upgrades  until December 29th that includes 250 Supersolos.

 **INCREDIBLE BARGAIN** for only $97. Network Marketing is a **Game of Large Numbers.**  Supersolos are how I send 1-2 MILLION emails per day.

Dave is also offering **DOUBLE the login offers** on SimpleTextAdz . 

I just bought 400 Supers for $160.  There are lower cost packages also.

**My Choices**

If I were going to put my money into a year-end tax saving opportunity (I have...) here are my choices.  


  • Fantastic, affordable traffic
  • Subscriptions start at $4.95/mo but subscriptions get UNLIMITED VIEWS
  •  ALL members earn 50% commissions. **PROMOTE THIS!**

I recommend getting the Secrets of the Big Dogs ebook ($7), upgrade to **Alpha Dog** ($10/mo),

then sign up for these from the **Alpha Dog Module**, or otherwise join from Hound Dog Text Ads ,

Member Tools!Downline Builder, SECRETS of the BIG Dogs’ CHIP Programs section.

Herculist Lifetime Gold

  • One-time Lifetime upgrade $49 (Save $150) **RECOMMENDED**
  • I earn 50% commissions
  • Email >364,000 members EVERY DAY
  • Herculist Gold can now submit HOURLY

One of my favorite and most effective sites to purchase LOGIN SPONSOR ADS


  • Email 30,000 every 3 days
  • HIGH CTR - >500 clicks each email
  •  I saved TONS by paying every 6 months
  • Pays weekly - never fail
  •  I earn 50% commissions

Viralist Upgrade **RECOMMENDED**


  •  Email 10,000 every 2 days
  • High CTR
  • I saved TONS by doing Ironman Lifetime **RECOMMENDED**
  • I earn 50% commissions

Global Safelist

  • ?Email 10,000 EVERY DAY as Executive member
  • High CTR
  •  I saved TONS by doing Exec annual **RECOMMENDED**
  • Affordable monthly or 3 month Exec upgrades
  • I earn 50% commissions

Master Safelist Blaster

  • **EACH SOLO sends to 561,000 members** on 300+ sites
  • Solo cost $15, cheaper the more you buy, or with subscription.
  • Bronze subsciption $19.95/mo **RECOMMENDED**



  1. You can **complete the transaction THIS YEAR**, and with a CASH-BASED BUSINESS, you can
  2. **PAY FOR IT USING A CREDIT CARD** then **pay the credit card balance NEXT YEAR**
  3.  If you can, **PREPAY a full year membership**, DO IT NOW. You might be able to amass **HUGE DISCOUNTS**,
  4. for instance, the Worldprofit Silver  membership is $99.95 per month, but by paying **YEARLY, you save $600!**
  5. I am a retired professional business consultant, but neither a lawyer or tax expert.  Please consult professionals in those specialties.

Rich Moyer

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Information by Rich Moyer

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